The Lure of the Engagement ring

You’ve been dating the man of your dreams for some time. You might be staying together or not. Each relationship has its challenges. If you live apart, the feeling you get of loneliness when your partner says goodbye after a day of fun together quickly makes you determined to do more. If you are able to move in together, this is a great way to improve your relationship. Visit our website and learn more about Engagement Rings.

The loneliness of saying goodbye to a partner can lead to different pressures. It could be that you want to make your love public for all to see, or that you want to start a family. You might find whatever motivates or discourages you from taking the first steps to the most significant commitment you will ever make in your whole life, but the symbol which you must wear while you take this step is the most important – “The Engaging Ring”.

It is now a common way of identifying oneself as someone who is engaged and ready for marriage. But have you ever touched the rock or band with your hand, and thought about its historical background? It is not listed in the bible or other oldest documents which give details about practices prior to marriage.

The modern popular engagement ring is not new. Although it was originally created in 19th century as a symbol of undying love, it was more often the first payment of bride price. This money was then paid to the bride’s relatives and handed over by the bride. It was insurance that was provided for the woman in case the future partner (which was always the man at the time) disbands the marriage, thereby impairing the woman’s virtues and appeal to other men.