Forex traders starting from scratch should not expect to make quick money in trading Forex

Beginner forex office malaysia traders expect to make fast money online trading forex. It is easy to lose your money on the volatile, fast-moving online forex currency market.

Our Malay forex trader student is now excited to make his money and attain financial freedom. He received 3-days of intensive, yet thorough foreign currency training in Kuala Lumpur. Due to his current unemployment, he is extremely desperate to make some money. He hopes to be able to trade for income and have wealth freedom in the next few months. How will he achieve it? This currency trader will earn 200% per month trading currency.

After trading forex online for a month, I finally checked the trading results of this Malay student Trader. Guess what? He’s losing a lot in his forex trading account. His capital is small so he doesn’t use risk management and money management theories in currency trading. His technical analysis skills are still not perfected and he is yet to make small profits consistently. We wonder how he will achieve his goal of earning 200% per month.

It is possible to get 200% in volatile forex market, but it is not possible for every forex trader, especially novice fx traders. You must first learn a proven forex trading system. It should have at least 70%-80% winning chances for a long period of trades in the foreign currency market. First, a conservative and low-risk money strategy is necessary to help the beginner fox trader make 10% per month. Set the risk management at 1%. Trading time on the lucrative currency markets is very limited, ideally between 1 and 2 hours per day. A 70% to 80% winning strategy will allow you to only trade 1 currency pair. There will be between 14-16 and 4-6 profits on forex trading. This is based on 20 trading days. After taking out the losses, you will get between 8% and 10% profit per month. Follow this simple trading strategy to become a forex trader.