Earrings made of diamonds are the most elegant accessory

Diamond earrings are unmatched in elegance and class. With their radiant sparkle and simple design, diamond earrings can seem almost magical. These earrings are one the most beautiful pieces you can own. They can be worn anyplace, anytime. Your diamond earrings are versatile. You can wear them with any outfit, from a dressy evening to a dinner party to a casual picnic to blue jeans and a sweater at an afternoon gathering. It’s this versatility that makes diamond earrings special. They are customizable to your individual style thanks to the variety of styles they offer. Visit our website and learn more about Latest Earrings Design.

The perfect diamond earrings are for you

It is important to remember that diamond earrings should be of high quality. Quality diamond earrings are not just good for your appearance, they can also detract from your natural beauty. Higher quality often is worth the extra cost.

The studs you are using to create quality diamond earrings must be inspected. The four C’s of diamond-quality are cut, clarity and color.

The cut is the most important aspect of a diamond. Cut is more important than any other aspect. This is what makes diamonds beautiful and stunning. A good cut diamond stud can be easily identified by simply looking into the stud and observing if it reflects light evenly and brilliantly. If you see dark spots on the diamond, then it has been too deep. If the diamond appears opaque it means that it was cut too deep. A poorly-cut diamond will make diamond earrings seem dull and lifeless. However, diamond earrings with well-cut diamonds will shine brilliantly.

Clearance of diamonds in diamond earrings is also important. It is measured by the amount of inclusions or flaws that can be observed in a diamond. Opaque flaws in a stud diamond will ruin its beauty, and affect the way it reflects light. Diamonds graded I3 or lower are best avoided. All diamonds graded SI2+ are “eye clean”, which means that there are no visible flaws. I1 and I2 diamond earrings have very visible inclusions. However, these inclusions are less noticeable when they are set in the setting.

It is important to consider the color of the stones. The best and most valuable diamonds have an absolutely pure color. The GIA ranks diamonds color on a scale between D and Z. D is completely colorless while Z is distinctly colored. D through D diamonds are the most pricey, but most experts agree diamonds in the H–I range look more natural when mounted. This makes diamond earrings much more affordable.