How To Buy And Sell Collectible Video Games On eBay For Profit

First, let’s understand what makes a videogame collectible. Collectors are attracted to collectibles that are rare by their nature amazon reselling guide. Collectors are not interested in many rare games. They aren’t because they were that good. They were not well-sellers so they had low printings. We prefer rare and sought-after ones. This could be due to a variety of reasons. It could be because the popular series includes the game, it introduced new game play, was poorly marketed, or it could have been an imported game. RPG games can also end up being collectibles. RPG gamers are natural collectors. No matter the reason, it is possible to determine which games are valuable and then buy them at a reduced price.

You may be told by some people to either buy a price guide for your product or pay for market research. It isn’t accurate, which is the problem with price guides. With the advent of Amazon and eBay, the price of products is constantly changing. While market research might yield better results than other methods, it will also mean that you are likely to invest more money. This could impact your profits. You can instead choose the gaming system you want to study. Look at,, or to find the appropriate category of games. Select Sort by Price. The games that are selling the most for that system’s price will be first. You can then begin to build a list of games that you would like to buy or resell. It is a good idea that you check different markets before making a decision about whether or not a particular game is truly collectible. is a good choice, as are and eBay. If the game is highly sought after on all three, it’s likely to be a collectible.

Now you can start compiling a list of games that you want to buy or sell. The buying wizard is a useful feature that was previously known as a “pre-order list”. Instead of paying regular price, you can choose a pre-order price. The seller will purchase the item automatically if they offer it at your price. This is one method to obtain games at a reduced price. It can also be your main list. You can also make favorite eBay searches for specific games and run them frequently to search for bargains. We now come to the final point. How do you determine how much you will pay for a collectible?